Jaguar Statue, Museo de Antropologia

There were several Jaguar Gods.

The pre-Columbian Maya civilization had various jaguar gods.

The Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire

The Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire is recognizable by a ‘cruller’ around the eyes (making a loop over the nose), jaguar ears, and jaguar fangs. He personifies the number Seven, which is associated with the day Ak’b’al ‘Night’. He is usually called ‘Jaguar God of the Underworld’ and assumed to be the ‘Night Sun’, i.e., the shape taken by the sun during his nightly journey through the underworld. Read more on Mayan

God L

God L (according to the designation of codical gods), one of the major aged Mayan deities, and associated with black sorcery and riches, belongs to the jaguar deities: He has jaguar ears and a jaguar mantle and lives in a jaguar palace. Some take him to be the main ruler over the Underworld, and in that sense, god L would have to be considered the true “Jaguar God of the Underworld”.

The Jaguar Goddess of Midwifery

The aged goddess of midwifery and curing, Ix Chel, belongs to the jaguar deities. She has jaguar ears and claws and can show the looped cruller element of the Jaguar God of Terrestrial Fire (Birth Vase), suggesting that she might be a spouse to this deity.

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